SIP Trunk Telephone Services for Your Business

SIP trunks offer high quality telephone connections which provide cost-savings, flexibility, and robust communications for businesses of all sizes.

Enterprise IP Solutions specialise in the replacement of traditional IDSN phone lines with the more advanced and functional SIP Trunk systems.

The older ISDN technology is being phased out by BT, with plans to switch it off completely by 2025. We therefore advise businesses to plan ahead and consider moving to a SIP hosted system.


  • Monthly line rental cost reduction
  • Scale up and down with ease for busy periods or growth
  • Extremely versatile and flexible
  • Distribute calls across multiple sites more effectively
  • Better reliability and resilience
  • Ensure business continuity with disaster recovery and back up facilities

Why SIP Trunk Technology?

One of the main advantages of SIP is that it is completely scalable. This makes it the perfect fit for businesses who want to keep existing phone numbers when relocating, upsizing, or downsizing. It also caters for businesses expecting growth, and those with seasonal-related busy periods when you need to handle more calls in periods of increased sales and enquiries.

With SIP, you can easily manipulate outbound numbers; set up non-geographic and geographic numbers should you want to have a specific location-based presence. All calls can be routed through to the same location. For organisations with multiple sites, you can use SIP trunking to rationalise the number of PBX’s you need to maintain. You can centralise and distribute calls more effectively too.

Reliable Communications with SIP Trunks

SIP connections save you money and increase efficiency without compromising on call quality.

SIP provides high quality, reliable, instant calling capabilities which are flexible and instant, so you can be confident that your business is connected and prepared for every situation. In the event of an emergency or disaster, SIP offers reliable communication. SIP trunks scale with you and there is a reduced risk of downtime which could otherwise impact your business.

Some companies choose to use SIP trunks alongside their infrastructure to make sure that one acts as a fail-safe to the other. We can work with you to provide advice on the best options for your business.

The SIP Trunks that we provide are compatible with most of today’s leading phone systems throughout the UK and Europe. This means you can easily take advantage of the many benefits of moving to a SIP trunking model.


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