High Quality Smart Alarms from Enterprise IP Solutions 

Ajax Systems Official Partner and Installer

EIPS are proud to be offering the latest wireless security system offering ultimate levels of protection whilst reacting to real dangers only.  The smart and fully modular system expands with your home covering everything from indoor and outdoor security to fire and flood prevention.

The latest technology in home security

Ensuring that your locks are secure is just the first part of total home and office security.  We are approved partners and installers for Ajax security systems offering ultra high tech, smart, wireless security systems for your home or your office.

The alarms that we supply and install are wireless modular systems with up to 7 years battery life offering both indoor and outdoor motion sensors, door opening sensors, glass breaking sensors, panic buttons,  fire protection and floor prevention.  In addition to this the system also allows for integration of cameras, smart sockets and relays allowing you to control and automate a wide range of items such as electric gates, boilers and other appliances.

The number of options may sound overwhelming however we offer a full home/office security review advising you on exactly what you need.

No Compulsory Monthly Subscription

Unlike other alarm suppliers our smart alarm does not require a monthly subscription to work nor do we lock you into a 12 month contract.  What we offer is a pay as you go monitoring service.  Have the piece of mind that your property is being monitored whilst you are away and only pay for the service when it is needed.

Security Review

EIPS offer a full security review of your home so we can advise on your bespoke security needs.


Full instillation is included in our service and you will have piece of mind that its carried out by an approved installer.


Once installed we will test the system and run through the setup with yourself.  This includes how to use your system and app setup.

Monitoring Solutions

Month to month full monitoring solution connecting your alarm to our security console.  There are no long term contracts and no tie-ins.

Extensive Range of Modular Add-Ons

All items are available in white or black to fit in with the decor of your home

Advanced Central Hubs

Manages all devices within the security system. 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection available to ensure constant monitoring and alerts even if the power is cut.

Motion Sensors

Wireless interior and exterior motion sensors, communicates up to 1,700m from the hub.  Pet friendly and built in camera options are available.


Interior and exterior sirens are available.  The exterior siren attracts passerby’s with bright lights and when sounding is louder than thunder.


Full range of controls for your alarm including a stylish touch keypad, key fobs with panic buttons and a wireless panic button with up to a 1.3km range.

Mobile App Control

Control, configure and monitor your system from your mobile wherever you are with the app which is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store

Entry Protection

Wireless opening detectors for your doors, shock detection and tilt sensing are available as options.  Glass break sensors notify you of broken windows with the sensor working up to 9 meters.  Fitted with anti-tamper alarm.

Fire & Flood Protection

Fire protect modules can detect smoke, temperature and carbon monoxide.  The leaks detector will notify you of any flooding as it starts and will also notify you when the water dries up.

Motion Protection Curtains

Advanced and reliable perimeter protection with motion protect curtains, detects motion when the narrow beam is broken.  Ideal for patio doors and garages.  Pet friendly with the ability to ignore your pets.

You will be surprised with the cost of our affordable Standard System.

Although our systems are bespoke to your needs we are offering an entry level standard system designed to get your home or office secure in under 2 hours.

  • 1 X Central Hub
  • 2 X Motion Sensors
  • 1 X Exterior Siren
  • 1 X Internal Siren
  • 1 X Door Sensors
  • 2 X Key Fobs


£399 Installed*

*Vat of 20% to be added

Enterprise IP Solutions Ltd